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Music, the perfect travel buddy

Music isn’t just a soundtrack while travelling. Music becomes your companion, especially when you’re doing it solo

I’m leaving on my80 days trip around the worldin just two weeks, and I am getting insanely nervous right now. I’ve travelled before, so this whole thing isn’t new to me at all. But this time seems so different for so many reasons.Embrace the fear of change, I keep repeating to myself. Amor fati, baby, just flow with it. You are certainly not the first to go on a round the world trip. Others enjoyed it before and came back blessed with great experiences, and you will too.


I have to admit that, that feeling of anticipation is priceless, but much easier to value if you’re looking back at it, though. And, yeah, you know now. I talk to myself quite a bit. But you see, only because I’m such a great listener. And these last few days, other than my own soothing words and/or rantings, I have been listening an album I have had long time forgotten. I’m talking about Ryuichi Sakamoto’sCasa.He reinvents Jobim’sbossa for piano, cello and the perfect velvety voice of Paula Morelenbaum. It makes the hair on the back of your neck stand on end. Sometimes is almost too rich, too sensitive, almost too beautiful.But the real magic of it, is that, as it starts to play, it takes me straight to a teeny tiny cabin in the mountains, and where, five years ago now, I voluntarily isolated myself for one savage year. It even can make me smell the oak smoke, and feel the humid cold in my feet.

When you’re listening to music, do you ever pause for a moment to notice how the song is making you feel? Music has so much power. It can uplift us on days when we are feeling down.  It can mellow us out when we are feeling all over the place.  It can bring out emotions we’ve kept buried deep. Music also connects us to memories from our past.


I was reflecting on how when I travel, music becomes more than just a soundtrack for me.  Music becomes my travel companion.


Let me ask you another question. Do you ever listen to a song and it brings you straight back to a place, a time, and/or a feeling? I know that happens to me all the time and that’s also why music becomes my travel buddy. There are several songs that have become places for me.  Each time I listen to one of those songs, I return to the exact place or time in my life when it really resonated with me. For example, every time I listen to TeardropI vividly revisit London and the late 90’s scene, when I was just 19 and living abroad by my own. Happy, careless, fearless,throwing myself to the world.

If you have ever travelled solo then you know that it has its ups and downs. One day you may feel invincible, and the next you may feel incredibly lonely and miss the comfort of whatever and wherever your familiar is. Music has helped me triumph and find the strength to overcome some rough days while travelling by my own. Literally, music became my trip mate. Even on days when I felt on top of the world and so blessed, it was always with me.

Now, when I find myself back home, I still have that music to turn to. When I wish I was on another grand adventure, or feel anxious about the next one, I listen to a song that connects me back to a place I’ve been or an adventure I went on. I love to listen to songs that even just remind me of sitting on a bus or train in transit to my next destination. I am reminded of the amazing things I’ve seen and done and felt, and it gives me hope for what the future holds.

You may be thinking that I’m an escapist and you may be absolutely right. I just wanted to bring light to the fact that even when you feel so alone on your solo adventures, you can always turn to music to fit your mood, change it, or just to indulge on it. Music heals, and is the kind of therapy that everyone enjoys.So, discover thetunes that makes you feel,and cherish them, for emotion is why we live! Without emotion, life would be gray and dull. Let music brightenyour world and will become your travel buddy throughout your entire life. You’ll never be alone.

Now, if you feel like it, I really would love to know a song that brings you to a place you’ve travelled. Feel free to share it with us in the comment section below.Sharing is caring!

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